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Best Health Franchsie

Friday, February 24, 2012

Traditional franchise health food store locations are different than a NUTRISHOP in several ways especially when it comes to the cost of running the business. A NUTRISHOP is not a franchise, the store owners are Licensees. This alone saves potential store owners thousands per month. In fact, it costs roughly half the amount to open a NUTRISHOP location than it does most comparable franchise health food stores. Another difference between a NUTRISHOP and a franchise health food store is in regards to royalties paid to the parent company. NUTRISHOP owners do not pay royalties to NUTRISHOP. There are no royalties in the NUTRISHOP business model. However, franchise health food stores do incorporate royalty payments. These royalties are percentages of gross sales in a given month for the individual franchise location, and can be as high as 5 to 9 percent. With a store doing $40,000.00 a month, at the lower rate of 5%, that would be a check to the franchisor for $2,000.00 each month. Immediately, from the example just given, a NUTRISHOP store owner would save $2,000.00 per month. That is a substantial savings.

Another major difference between a NUTRISHOP and a traditional  Health Food Franchise
store is that NUTRISHOP owners, within reason, have the freedom to set up their store they way they want. Most franchise health food stores will only allow business owners to open retail locations that fit the parent company look and feel. Most traditional franchise opportunities also dictate how the business is operated, down to the last detail. A NUTRISHOP licensee is truly their own boss. All the training advice, and guidance is provided from the NUTRISHOP corporate offices, but at the end of the day the decisions on what to carry, what prices to sell products for, what type of marketing plan implemented…is all up to the individual business owner.

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Max Muscle Vs NUTRISHOP, Best Health Franchise

What Are a Couple Differences Between NUTRISHOP and Max Muscle?

Initially, some people considering ownership of a sports nutrition retail store will look into a Max Muscle or a GNC health franchise, and often end up finding out about NUTRISHOP one way or another. One major difference between NUTRISHOP and Max Muscle and GNC is that NUTRISHOP is not a franchise! NUTRISHOP is a license program where store owners license the NUTRISHOP name.

Another notable difference between NUTRISHOP and Max Muscle
health franchise is the start up costs. NUTRISHOP stores are substantially less to start. Over the long term, NUTRISHOP store owners save even more money because there are no franchise royalty payments like there are in other health food store franchises like Max Muscle and GNC. In terms of products, both NUTRISHOP and Max Muscle carry similar products. One notable difference is in NUTRISHOP pricing, which is much less overall than not only many Max Muscle and GNC health franchise stores, but other franchise health food stores as well. In fact, NUTRISHOP stores even beat internet pricing.

NUTRISHOP stores bring the highest quality and most effective sports nutrition and weight loss products to customers throughout the U.S. and soon, internationally. The knowledgeable staff at all NUTRISHOP stores takes time with customers to get them the exact products for their individual needs. At NUTRISHOP, potential business owners are encouraged to research all the options available, including Max Muscle, GNC, and others along with NUTRISHOP to find the solution that is right for them. At the end of the day, we want all potential store owners to make the educated choice for their particular needs and objectives in relation to ownership of a sports nutrition and weight loss store like NUTRISHOP.


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What Makes NUTRISHOP Different Than a GNC Business?

From an owner's standpoint, a GNC business is a franchise. NUTRISHOP is not a franchise, but rather the store owners are licensees. From a cost standpoint, it is substantially less money to open and operate a NUTRISHOP when compared to a GNC Health Franchise business. Franchises like a GNC business have monthly royalties usually based on gross sales. With many health food store franchises, they can run from 5 to 9% of the gross monthly sales. This could be thousands of dollars paid to the Franchisor in royalties every month. NUTRISHOP does not have any monthly royalties, saving NUTRISHOP store owners thousands each month when compared to a GNC Health Franchise business franchise model.

What About the Product Offering at NUTRISHOP Compared to a GNC Business?
While a
GNC Health Franchise business is geared toward a broad product offering, NUTRISHOP stores are focused on the highest quality sports nutrition and weight loss products available today. Many of the products you find at a GNC Health Franchise location are also found at NUTRISHOP superstores. Finding the best sports nutrition and weight loss products at the best prices is standard at NUTRISHOP locations. Furthermore, every NUTRISHOP store staff member is concerned about the highest in customer service and offering the customers what they truly need to achieve their goals. Customers to NUTRISHOP stores receive service from informed certified sports nutritionists behind the counter, answering their questions and getting them the best solutions for their needs…not just reading a label.

The savings customers receive when shopping at a NUTRISHOP location are tremendous. NUTRISHOP will beat any internet pricing, so from a retail standpoint, there aren't many retailers that can compete in pricing. It isn't uncommon to notice 20 to 40% savings over other health food store franchise locations, including
GNC Health Franchise businesses.

There is much more information we would like to share with you regarding NUTRISHOP stores and the opportunities available.